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Voice conference is a place where many young people have encountered Jesus in a mighty way, whether it be through the word spoken, the powerful praise and worship or through the prophetic, it has become a place of Salvation and a compass in the lives of everyone who walks into VOICE.

With sessions ranging from interactive table talk sessions to energetic praise and worship to powerful moves of the prophetic during ministry time, VOICE conference is more than just another youth event; It's a catalyst for a youth revival

As we walk into 2020, we believe that it is the beginning of a New Era; A decade of New Wine; and VOICE 2020 will be the launch pad which will propel us into the New Era God has prepared for us.


We've had the privilege of hosting Local and foreign worship bands leading young people with a powerful anointing into the tangible presence of God


We have witnessed many young men and women being delivered to Christ


Every session of the conference brings forth theword of God, teaching young people to live andserve by the truth of God’s revelation – a firm foundationfor life and ministry


 over 500 scripted testimonies were recorded at the 2018 conference and many more at last year's conference


We have witnessed numerous prophetic callings on young people's lives to serve the Lord


We are blessed to have over 400 Servant Leaders serving alongside the team at our conferences

Serve at Voice

Called to Serve

Souls brought together and Bonds created to last a lifetime

Our Servant Leaders are the heart and soul of all our conferences. They are the support system and lifeblood running through the veins and vision of Voice. We are forever grateful and super thankful for the amazing souls who dedicate their time, resources and talents towards the Kingdom of God each year.

 Servant Leaders play a key role across all operational and spiritual aspects of the conference, whether it be ushering, security, registrations, food and accommodation or worship and prayer, it is our dear servant leaders that serve with humble hearts. They are truly the life force of all our conferences and events.

Through the years, we have witnessed the growth of this close-knit community of young people who have been brought together through their love for God and to serve his people, and we are proud to be a part of this community which is held together by the strong bonds of fellowship formed during our conferences and events.

For one to take part at a Voice conference as a servant leader is one of the most unique and significant ways to experience a Voice gathering. It is a unique opportunity where you are given the privilege of pouring into another's life while being blessed through the act of giving. An experience of a lifetime that most often times tend to continue into the years to follow.


If you're interested in being a part of this amazing family and you're passionate to serve alongside us to lift the name of Jesus high. Fill out a simple form with your details and we'll get in touch with you soon.

Sign up here.

Hear from our Servant Leaders

Read as their share own unique experience at Voice

Cosvini Antony

Jaffna City Conference

I had no way to come for the conference, so in desperation, I prayed,

"Dad, if you want me to go make a way". My prayer was answered and during the conference, God turned my struggle to victory. I was also privileged to make lasting bonds with brothers and sisters passionate for Christ.

I met so many beautiful people and the entire conference experience took my walk with God to the next level. 

Rukshan Jansen

Colombo City Conference

This invitation to serve at Voice has been a  special calling as it upgraded the way I served. It instilled more humility in my service through the example set by the leadership. I was privileged to serve a movement that impacted over 4,500 lives & by witnessing many lives being blessed helped build my faith to think big and expect greater things from God. I certainly don't regret my decision to serve at Voice.

Nirosha Damayanthi

Kandy City Conference

I was nervous at first but having seen the unity and brotherhood I soon found myself settled in.

This has been quite the unique experience. the attention to detail and the pursuit for excellence in the team, the humility towards each other, respect towards the leadership inspired me to follow these same principles into my personal ministry work as well.

I was also blessed through the sessions of worship and the word as it helped me draw closer to the presence of God.


Iresha De Silva

Galle City Conference

I was looking forward to part take at a Voice conference and when I finally got the opportunity I was very excited. I served with my two brothers as well and it was one of the best ministry experiences for me. We were also able to meet a lot of new people and make friends with them. 

We had a wonderful time worshipping and serving God together during the conference.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve at Voice.

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