WE are lovers of Jesus before the craft/ministry.

WE take responsibility for our growth in our spiritual, natural, technical & creative gifts.  

WE are diligent stewards of the resource entrusted to our hands.

WE value and guard the unity within our team and pre-empt their needs.
WE seek to understand the atmosphere of where we serve.

WE are always prepared by knowing what’s required of us in our roles.
WE know how to respond under pressure.
WE look out for each other, understanding we are not just team but family.
WE know our team on the platform by name.  
WE are big picture focussed and able to think beyond our roles.
WE are committed to excellence, outworked through an excellent spirit.
WE are always looking for ways we “can” rather than reasons we “can’t”.
WE understand communication is more than just speaking and listening, but the spirit with which we do both.
WE are not bystanders when we see a problem, but are part of creating a solution.
WE understand we are not just here to serve, but to receive everything God would have for us.